Solar Energy

SOLAR ENERGY In the scope of European Strategic orientation and in the financing mechanism priorities, the National strategy 2020 (ENE 2020) had established ambitious goals like, multiply for 10 the established solar power, during the next ten years, micro generation programs for public equipment and to simplify process and procedures associated with micro generation.

In order to be possible to achieve this goals it is fundamental that institutions belongs of National Technological Scientific System be able to answer expectable needs of partnerships with enterprises that work in solar power (promoters solar parks, ESCO´s Energy Services Companies) in projects that involves technology transfer, distinct areas of investigation like evaluation solar resources and development of solar, photovoltaic, thermal components.

In this context and to fulfill the national imperative, INEGI developed skills in this areas, betting in the formation of their technical staff and invested infrastructures and equipment. In addition have established partnerships with key stakeholders (national and international) in this sector. According to the mentioned strategies for energy, INEGI, which already has recognized activities in the wind energy and energy efficiency sectors, recently started activities in different phases of the value chain of solar energy.

INEGI has been working in those areas, acquiring experience and developing its competences, which associated with the investments done for its technicians training and in specialized equipment (laboratorial facilities and equipment for experimental tests in order to quantify different parameters), allowing them to offer services with recognized quality in consulting, technology transfer and research/development on the cited areas. In this scope an integrated and modular service, which can be in different areas such as the solar resource study, follow-up of the technic project, installation of the unit and verification of its exploration conditions, or even energetic audits necessary for the viability of mini generation projects. An essential service to assure the investment payback and the required maintenance interventions, both preventive and corrective, that guarantee the facilities highest yield. This service is provided by INEGI in cooperation with Lógica, EM SA. Beside that service INEGI has been working in the following steps of the chain of value of those sectors:

· Solar resource evaluation
· Solar resource mapping throughout Geographical Information Systems tools
· Technical-financial studies for installation of technologies using solar energy
· Energy audits to industry as a support for solar energy integration in industrial processes as a heat or electricity source

· New components/materials
· New thermal energy storage systems
· Solar thermal energy applications

MONITORING SOLAR PLANTS Development of mathematical correlations between solar resource data and performance of CPV, PV and CSP panels:
· Remote configuration of solar panels
· Development of algorithms for identify problems related with panels operation (namely, PV, CPV and comparison with supplier’s data).

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