Products and Systems Development

The product development process comprises the set of activities and skills necessary to create new products and systems. It covers the entire product life cycle, from identifying a market opportunity or need, to product end of life.

INEGI has a dedicated unit to products and systems design and to the design process, being present in all its phases, from the most conceptual ones to prototypes production and production ramp-up. The main distinctive competencies are:

  • · Products and systems design with particular emphasis on complex mechanical and electromechanical systems;
  • · Structural and dynamic simulation and optimization using the finite element method;
  • · Methodologies and tools for products and systems design, among others, Ecodesign and environmentally conscious design, modular design and platform design;
  • · Product design process management and approaches to speed up product development with the use of structured approaches and lean product development principles;
  • · Rapid prototyping and production of functional or non-functional prototypes using different materials and manufacturing technologies;
  • · Ability to put together advanced skills and multidisciplinary teams capable of generating innovative and high-potential disruptive solutions.

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