Sea Technology

INEGI develops technology in the area of offshore renewable energy in National and International Projects. Our engineers have a wide range of skills to develop new technologies and solutions for wave energy converters and offshore wind farms. These forms of energy can have, in the future, a major role in Portugal and a strong impact on national companies and on the level of renewable energy production, job creation, innovation and export services. Our comparative advantages result from the characteristics of our coast (medium-high energy resource, relatively deep waters near the coast), availability of infrastructure support along the coast (ports, ship repair yards and the national grid), purchase conditions of energy produced and relevant technical and scientific knowledge in this area. INEGI has units of excellence and recognized competence in the following areas of activity: · Forecast Energy Resource; · Monitoring Evaluation Resource; · Geographic Mapping (GIS); · Instrumentation; · Mechanical Design and Production Technologies; · Numerical Modelling; · Composite Materials; · Rapid Prototyping; · Environment; · Preventive and Predictive Maintenance; · Tribology. · Engineering and Naval Architecture

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