INEGI is administered by a Board of directors which include five members, three of them representatives of the Private Associates and two of the University of Porto, thus ensuring a governance model consistent with its position as an institution dedicated to value the economic and social aspects of knowledge and technology. The Board reports to a General Assembly composed of public and private Associates. The INEGI Bodies were elected in 2010 for the biennium 2010-2011. Its structure is as follows:

General Assembly President

PhD António Sousa Pereira | UP
1st Secretary

Eng. António Lobo Gonçalves | EDP Renováveis
2nd Secretary

Eng. José Carlos Fernandes Limpo de Faria | SOCITREL, S.A
Administration Commitee President

PhD Alcibíades Soares Guedes | UP

PhD Pedro Manuel Ponces Camanho | UP

Eng. Fernando Manuel Fernandes de Sousa | AIMMAP

Eng. Jorge Cerqueira Pinto | CAETANOBUS

Eng. Alberto Malafaya | TEGOPI
Statutory Audit Commitee President

Eng. Francisco Manuel Grade Barbeira | BPI

Eng. Mário Pais de Sousa | APGEI

Eng. Sérgio Varo de Oliveira Loureiro Salústio | BOSCH Termotecnologia
Universidade do Porto
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