Industrial energy efficiency is the theme of multisector workshop and technical visit in Évora - date to be announced

Update | 23/09/2019
The event has been postponed, and a new date will be announced soon.

On September 27th, Évora will receive two initiatives dedicated to the theme of energy efficiency in industrial thermal processes. A multisector workshop and a technical visit to an industrial facility, both carried out under the EcoTermIP project, which aims to transfer scientific and technological knowledge to improve the energy conditions of the industry. Participation is free upon registration HERE.

The multisector workshop will be held at the Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia (PACT), starting at 9:30 am. Here the results of the EcoTermIP project will be presented, namely the energy diagnosis of the sectors of the national dairy industry and meat processing. The event, attended by INEGI’s experts in renewable energies and energy efficiency, also includes a moment of debate and dialogue between participants.

The visit to KEMET Electronics Portugal will take place in the afternoon, where the prototype of an innovative holistic system of generation, latent storage and direct heat supply to industrial processes is housed, through the integration of concentrated solar thermal technologies. This visit is part of the EcoTermIP project roadshow initiative, which is in line with its purpose of divulging good practices and new technologies for the eco-efficiency of production processes, and whose next dates will be announced soon.

Ana Magalhães, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains that both initiatives aim to minimize "a set of critical factors and identified market failures in the industry, namely the lack of knowledge and adequate information regarding the benefits that will come from the integration of technologies and methods that use renewable energy sources for thermal energy supply and waste heat recovery ".


09h30 Reception
09h45 Presentation of the Consortium
10h00 Presentation of the EcotermIP Project
10h15 Presentation of Results for Dairy Sector
10h45 Coffee break
11h00 Presentation of Results for the Meat Processing Sector
11h30 Funding Opportunities
11h50 Debate
12h20 Conclusions


14h30 Visit to KEMET Electronics Portugal
16h00 Closing

The EcoTermIP project - Promotion of Rational Use of Thermal Energy and Integration of Technologies based on Renewable Energy in Portuguese Industry is led by INEGI and developed in collaboration with ISQ. It is funded under the Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and European Regional Development Fund programs.

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