Companies in northern Portugal favor INEGI as R&D partner

The publication “NORTH EU - Dynamics of European Funds in the Northern Region” (click to access), recently released by the Northern Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N), reveals that INEGI is one of the preferred institutions of companies in the region to fill the role of partner in Research and Technological Development (R&D) projects.
The list of the top co-promoted R&D projects led by Northern Region-based companies includes more than 330 companies and non-business entities from the Research and Innovation System. INEGI comes in fourth place (43 projects), very close to INESC TEC (46 projects), and after the two largest Universities in the North, the University of Porto (102 projects), the University of Minho (73 projects).
According to CCDR-Ns publication, between 2007 and 2017, around 1000 co-promoted R&D projects in mainland Portugal were supported, involving around €555 million of european financing and an eligible investment volume of over €850 million. “The North stands out for its greater dynamism compared to the other regions of mainland Portugal, concentrating 400 projects (43% of the national total) led by more than 230 companies headquartered in the region (42% of the national total),” it says.

Universidade do Porto
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