ADIRA MFS invests in Industry 4.0 with INEGI’s collaboration

INEGI is contributing to the development of an integrated hardware and software solution resulting from the fusion of production technologies and information and communication systems. The innovation is being developed within the scope of the ADIRA INDUSTRY 4.0 project, which was born as a result of the growing need to digitize the industrial sector, with the objective of transforming capital goods into components of Industry 4.0.

The solution integrates systems of autoconfiguration, self-registration, performance evaluation and predictive maintenance, "making it possible to get a real-time view of the state of the equipment and production, as well as to predict and detect faults or malfunctions," says Sílvia Esteves, responsible by the project in INEGI. "An ability that in turn results in the reduction of interruptions in the productive flow, in the optimization of the productive processes, and in an agile and effective reaction when unforeseen situations occur."

A prototype of the solution is already being implemented by ADIRA MFS, the metal working machinery manufacturer that leads the project.

During the last three years, INEGIs team of experts contributed to the design and development of this technology, in collaboration with INESC TEC, and is now focusing on the construction of an industrial prototype that involves the "reconditioning of a machining centre to test and validate the Industry 4.0 modules".

INEGI was responsible for the "development of several systems, namely sensing, monitoring, data acquisition and pre-processing and industrial equipment control", says Sílvia Esteves. The Institute also participated in the development of retrofitting and sensing modules for equipment originally not compatible with industry 4.0 systems, which in turn "extend the life cycle of the equipment and production systems, in harmony with circular economy principles, and limits the high costs of replacing the main industrial infrastructures, allowing a greater efficiency of materials and resources and a greater return of investment”, explains the researcher.

Once the project has been successfully completed, it’s expected that it will become a reference, in terms of parameterization and standardization, for the implementation of Industry 4.0 components in contexts related to machine tools and metal mechanics.
The ADIRA INDUSTRY 4.0 project is co-financed by the Compete 2020 and Portugal 2020 programs.

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