June 27th | OPEN DAY I4.0 with Jetclass highlights technology developed with INEGI

The partnership between Jetclass and INEGI will be featured in "Open Day Industry 4.0" , which will take place on June 27th at Jetclass facilities in Sobrado, Valongo. Promoted by IAPMEI, in partnership with the company and the Institute, the event is free, subject to registration. To sign up, you must download the available subscription form here and send it to: maria.marques@iapmei.pt.

This event is part of an Open Day cycle promoted by IAPMEI, which aims to "inform companies of the knowledge produced" and highlight the strategic relevance of "resource and interaction with universities, polytechnics and research centers", the organization said.

MOB4.0, a project developed by Jetclass and INEGI, will be highlighted as an example of a successful partnership. The company, which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of premium furniture, intends to prepare and migrate its products to the new era of digital Internet interactivity and chose INEGI as a technological partner . The initiative started at the beginning of the year, encompassing automation and control of advanced manufacturing technologies and complex mechatronics .

From this collaboration the first pieces of innovative interactive furniture are already underway, and can be seen during the event. One example is the Mirror TV Disco, a mirror with a built-in television, revealed only when it is on and emitting light.

The INEGI team of experts gave direct support to the project , and was responsible for the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) and touch features system, which "essentially makes this mirror a huge tablet when active," says Ana Reis, responsible for the project at INEGI. Home The weight reduction and topological optimization , taking into account its wall installation, as well as the design of the mechanical design and structural calculation of the retractable arm, which removes the mirror from the wall and allows access to the rear panel, were also the responsibility of INEGI.


09H30 | Reception

10H00 | Opening
  • Agostinho Moreira, CEO of Jetclass – Real Furniture, S.A.
    Alcibíades Guedes, President of INEGI
    Nuno Mangas, President of IAPMEI

  • 10h15 | Presentation of Company
  • Iolanda Moreira, General Manager of Jetclass – Real Furniture, S.A.

  • 10H30 | Project presentation
  • - Projet MOB4.0, INEGI

  • 11H00 | Close
  • João Neves, Secretary of State

  • 11H30 | Visit to “Jetclass – Real Furniture, S.A.”

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