Prototype of solar thermal industrial system will be presented in Porto and Évora - Sign up open

The demonstration prototype of a solar thermal industrial system developed with the collaboration of INEGI in the scope of the project "SHIP - Solar Heat for Industrial Processes" will be presented in Porto and Évora by the consortium, coordinated by MCG Mind for Metal, OnControl and KEMET Electronics Portugal, and the University of Évora. Both events mark the conclusion of the project, which aimed to build a holistic system of direct integration of solar technologies into industrial processes.  

The auditorium of INEGI will host, on June 18th, a workshop focused on the presentation and debate of the results of the project. Participation is free, subject to registration through the link available HERE.  

This workshop will precede the closing event of the project, which will take place on June 26th at the auditorium of the PACT, in Évora, where it will also be possible to get a closer look at the solution, and discover its technical and economical advantages. Sign up HERE.  

This solution is innovative and unique in Portugal, and "has a high potential for application in different sectors of the industry, such as tanning, metal treatment, various chemical processes or in the food industry", says Ana Magalhães, responsible for the project at INEGI. "It allows the reduction of the energy costs, and it increases environmental sustainability", he adds.

This pilot unit demonstrates the efficiency, autonomy and durability of the technology, which includes a modular approach and the integration of solar collectors that will provide heat to two industrial processes. The project also fostered the development of a latent thermal energy storage system, subsystems that enable the direct integration of solar heat into industrial processes and an automation and control system that allows total integration and monitoring.

The Institute played a significant role in the execution of the project, having participated in several stages of development, "from the energy diagnosis of the target processes, the design of the anti-stagnation system of the modules, the design of the entire installation of thermofluid that integrates the solar concentrator modules and the industrial process, the sizing of the storage system, to the monitoring of the installation work at KEMET Electronics Portugal", says Ana Magalhães.  


14:00 | Welcome
14:15 | Kick off | INEGIs Executive Committee
14:30 | Presentation of the project and its results
15:30 | Debate
16:00 | Close | Coffee break & networking


14h00 | Welcome
14h10 | Presentation of the project and its results
15h30 | Coffee break & networking
16h00 | Visit to KEMET to know the installation of the system 18h00 | End of the event

The project "SHIP - Solar Heat for Industrial Processes" is funded under the Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and European Regional Development Fund programs.

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