MechALife project wins MED.IDEAS 2019 award

The MechALife - Mechanized Assisted Life project, developed by INEGI, was honored with the Med.Ideas 2019 award, which aims to highlight the most innovative ideas in the field of medical technology and with high potential for exploration in the market. A NORTEXCEL Initiative, the award ceremony was held at the cruise terminal at the Port of Leixões.

"This award is another important mark of recognition of our work, and a great way of publicizing the project," says Daniel Pina, INEGIs researcher responsible for the project.

The project was conducted by INEGI, in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), and aimed to develop an active exoskeleton for the lower limbs, for the elderly population with reduced mobility. The solution has the potential to replace walkers and crutches, reduce physical effort and enhance the independence and active life of its users. In addition, its smaller and potentially cheaper compared to existing technologies.

The prize also includes the award of 5 thousand euros to the team. "With the prize, we will continue to fund future developments, always with the ultimate goal of creating an end product that solves a problem in society," says Daniel Pina.

Universidade do Porto
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