INEGI becomes part of the Spanish Association of Composite Materials

INEGI decided to join the network of companies, research and innovation centers, universities and professionals that are part of the Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC).

"Portugal and Spain have a close collaboration relationship for innovation in composite materials, which, in INEGI, has resulted in a large number of projects carried out in partnership with Spanish entities, both within national initiatives and in the European contexto (co-financing of the Interreg and CleanSky programmes and the Framework Programmes). Thus, we see with great interest this approach to AEMAC", emphasizes Nuno Correia, director of Materials and Composite Structures at INEGI.

Since its creation, 25 years ago, AEMACs main objectives are to represent the Spanish sector of composite materials and to be a forum for communication among its members to foster research and development in this area. It also aims to establish strategic links with public and private entities from other countries. INEGI is integrating into its network of associates in this contexto.

According to Nuno Correia, "this collaboration might result in a closer approximation between entities of the two countries, giving rise to a set of new possibilities and leveraging innovation in the Iberian context".

INEGI has a wide range of skills and vast experience in composite materials. Over the past 30 years, specialized teams have developed new solutions for composite materials, structures and processes to meet different industry challenges, especially in the automotive, aeronautics, space and defense sectors.

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