INEGI helps to equip the soldier of the future

Creating "smart" and multifunctional clothing for European armies is the goal of the STILE project - Smart Textiles in Defense, developed with the support of INEGI.

The project started this year and is, according to Cláudio Monteiro dos Santos, the INEGI researcher responsible for the project, "of strategic importance for European Defense, by integrating functionalities to support the soldier of the future in the performance of military operations".

The integrated textile technology is expected to enable the collection and transmission of useful information through wireless communications and to make clothing more comfortable and capable of assisting in the protection of soldiers.

The new functionalities of military equipment should include: the monitoring of environmental and physiological parameters; the detection of chemical, biological and radiological threats; improved resistance to fire, water and mosquitoes; the ability to regulate temperature, and the improvement of mobility.

"Based on the knowledge acquired through its extensive collaboration with specialists in the field of materials and structures applied to Defense, INEGIs contribution aims to ensure the alignment of the project with the strategic guidelines of European Defense", explains Cláudio Monteiro dos Santos.

In this sense, a multidisciplinary team is defining the stages of project implementation, through workshops with specialists, bibliographical survey and documentary analysis and, later, will also participate in the integration of new functionalities in clothing.

This initiative is promoted by the European Defense Agency (EDA), in the scope of its activities in support of European cooperation in Defense capacity building, and it counts on the participation of the CITEVE (Portugal) and the AITEX - Textile Technological Institute (Spain).

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