INEGI promotes training course on energy optimization of WWTPs – Registration Open

INEGI promotes, on November 27th, a technical training course within the scope of the AQUALITRANS project. The project, which is in the final stretch, aimed to create an efficient and sustainable energy model for wastewater treatment plants in the Northern Portugal-Galicia Euroregion.

The training will take place at the Freixo WWTP facilities, in Porto, and participation is free, upon registration HERE.

The initiative aims to qualify the human capital linked to the management of wastewater treatment plants, aiming to provide these professionals with skills related to the efficiency of the facilities.

The program of the session includes the presentation and analysis of the energy improvement plans for WWTPs, of pilot experiments, and of advanced management web tools, namely a tool developed under the project that allows to evaluate, in energy and operational terms, the current state of a WWTP compared to similar installations.

The transfer of knowledge and dissemination of project results is a priority at this stage, and in line with this objective, three training sessions have been held so far on both sides of the border. This fourth and final session is promoted by INEGI.

Throughout the project, “with the collaboration of INEGI, the consortium developed energy efficiency improvement plans for a total of 20 installations, while also evaluating the result of applying each of them in pilot projects,” says Ana Magalhães, project manager at INEGI. "Based on this work, we have established frameworks for resource efficiency that can now be applied by managers from other WWTPs in the region to improve the energy efficiency of stations and optimize their consumption”.

The results of the project are further materialized in the publication of a study characterizing the energy profile of 173 WWTP (available here), and in an interactive platform with the mapping and description of the operation of all stations in Galicia and Northern Portugal (click to access).


10:00 Reception to participants

10:30 WWTP energy improvement plans (INEGI)

11:10 Pilot experiences in Portugal (Águas do Porto)

11:50 Coffee Break

12:10 WWTP Energy Efficiency Potential (INEGA)

12:50 Pilot Experiences in Galicia (Galicia Waters)

13:30 Web Tools for Advanced WWTP Management (ITG)

13:50 Lunch

15:30 Guided Tour of Freixo WWTP

AQUALITRANS is funded under the INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020 program.

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