Technical Drawings and Design

INEGI is recognised by the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ – Instituto Português da Qualidade) as an Organism of Sectorial Standardisation (ONS – Organismo de Normalização Sectorial) of technical design. This means the ONS-INEGI accompanies ISOs (International Standards Organisation) and CEN’s (European Committee for Standardisation) normative activity in this area and sends feedback on projects for new ISO/DIS and prEN Norms and their implications with the Portuguese Norms, namely concerning the adoption of European Norms as Portuguese Norms.

Technical drawings (included in the technical documentation of products) play an essential role in the creation and communication fields of almost every sector of industrial activity. Industrial drawing is very important for technology development, since it constitutes data which is fundamental for arranging industrial contracts, particularly on an international level. Conscious of the importance of standardising Technical Drawing, INEGI has increased its activity as an ONS, in order to help consolidate the process of internationalisation of Portuguese industry.

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